Essay about Application Of A Plastic Surgeon

Essay about Application Of A Plastic Surgeon

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Becoming a Plastic Surgeon can be very hectic not knowing what is needed to be a successful Surgeon. In this paper I will provide you with the overview of a plastic surgeon, the education requirements in perusing a surgical career, and the traits and skills required for this career. I also be able to go in detail with traits that I feel need to be improve for this field. Learning from the information I research I will be able to provide a brief summary of my career goals and how Kaplan University will be able to help me with my five year plans.
Overview of a Plastic Surgeon
With Plastic Surgeons having the opportunity to help and change others in life. There yearly salary is about $350,000. From 2012-2022 Plastic surgeons are expected to grow about eighteen percent. Leading to the different fields for cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery or hand surgery. Plastic surgeons can work in a hospital or a private office setting. They are usually working or correcting physical deformities, reconstructing body parts and preforming cosmetic surgery while using varieties of surgical instruments.
Education Requirements and Certification
Education for a Plastic Surgeon can be lengthy, spending up to 14 years in school can be very expense. Before entering you must obtain a D.O or M.D after you complete your bachelor’s degree. It would be great to have to an undergraduate in life science, math, communications or physics but some may pick a pre-med major. Plastic Surgeons must attend a medical school for four years. With medical school being quite difficult to attend, it all comes down to you grades, your MCAT scores (Medical College Admission Test) and letters of recommendation followed by an interview. Following medical school you must c...

... middle of paper ... with great professors and support I will be well on my way.
Where Do I See Myself in 5 Years?
I will be attending my first year in medical school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Succeeding in all my classes while maintaining in extracurricular activities to better myself and to stay involved. I plan to be working on saving my funds and applying for scholarships to help pay for my college dues. While working towards internships to start on more recommendations for my career.
Researching my profession helped me reestablished my goals and fired up my engine for determination to finish. Lining up my personality traits and knowing the education requires shown me that I may have a long way to go and some work to do. Having Kaplan University’s staff for support I believe I am on the right team for success. My 5 year goals will be achieve in no time.

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