Application Of A Learner Assessment Essay

Application Of A Learner Assessment Essay

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A learner assessment is very important when determining how to care for a patient. It looks at the history of the client to establish learning needs. Once these needs are recognized, client goals are created and implemented using the three domains of learning (Hunt, 2013). This learner assessment was conducted on a 70 year old Caucasian male who goes by the name of Duane.
Duane grew up in rural Southeast Iowa. We lived with this parents and nine siblings, Duane being the third born child. After graduating from Pekin High School in 1963, he enlisted in the National Guard. After the National Guard, he worked for an appliance store. He became very excelled in his field of work. He took a job offering at Indian Hills Community College as an appliance and small engine instructor, and taught for about 13 years before the program was discontinued.
Duane eventually married, and had a daughter and son. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in separation. He was with another woman, who I will call Lisa, for about 20 years until they parted ways nearly a year ago. His time with Lisa was very complicated. Both Duane and Lisa began to have an increase in health issues. Instead of of putting his own health care needs first, he also had to provide and care for Lisa.
In 2007, Duane experienced his first heart attack. He was an adamant smoker since his teenage years, and quit just three days prior to this incident. In the wake of all off this, he was also diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus. This unfortunate event would ultimately change the rest of Duane’s life.
He continued to have heart issues and required many CT scans, stress tests, etc. The doctors told Duane that the contrast dye used for these tests has damaged his kidneys. Nearly ...

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...ced directives by August 4, 2016. This objective is in the affective domain of learning (Hunt, 2013). (3) Patient, and family, will arrange to meet with a lawyer to create a will and determine who will be the medical power of attorney by August 31, 2016. This objective is in the psychomotor domain of learning (Hunt, 2013).
Duane is willing to learn more about renal failure. He agreed to talk to two of his sisters about his wishes if he were to become incapacitated, or pass away. We discussed the importance of taking his medications, and stressed the need to attend every scheduled dialysis appointment. We also discussed the need to avoid damaging, or causing an infection, by rubbing or scratching the skin when a sore is present. He has a great support system, who understands what his needs are. Duane is willing to work on preserving and maintaining the life he has.

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