Essay on Application for the Position of Associate Dean in the KSOEHD

Essay on Application for the Position of Associate Dean in the KSOEHD

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In an era of declining regard for education among the general populace, I see the position of Associate Dean in the KSOEHD as an opportunity to make a difference in improving programs for our students and, in turn, reversing some of the negative sentiment our profession is experiencing. The application guidelines include the following expectations for the position:
• A prior record of successful development and implementation of programs or special projects involving multiple constituencies
• A creative thinker and consultative communicator with excellent problem solving skills
• Demonstrated ability to link effectively with P-16 colleagues
• Ability to promote opportunities for faculty and students for continuing professional development
• Demonstrated capacity in adapting to changing opportunities and challenges
• Demonstrated ability to work with diverse community groups and organizations
• Demonstrated ability to produce high quality reports and documents
• Demonstrated success at obtaining external grants
I believe the following letter highlighting my teaching, scholarship and service, together with my CV, will address my knowledge, skills and experiences related to these expectations.

Teaching is at the core of all of my professional activities and I am very proud of my teaching accomplishments. I have successfully taught required courses in CI, MAT and JDPEL/DPELFS and elective courses in the MAE. In these courses, I have maintained a consistent record of high achievement. My student evaluations have always been well above the department mean and standard. My average student rating for credential and graduate courses is 4.8/5.0 over the past five years.
Three years ago, the camp...

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...on leaders across the nation and the world. I contributed to the local science education community through my service as a board member on the Central California Science Teachers Association (1990-2007) and as board member and past-President of the Central California Science Education Leadership Association (1991-2006). These organizations have facilitated a majority of the science education service projects in the Valley over the past 20 years.
As a result of this service to the campus and the professional community, I was honored to receive the California Outstanding Environmental Educator award from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention in 2001; the Science Administrator of the Year from the California Science Education Advisory Committee in 2000; and the President’s Award for Excellence, the university’s highest achievement award, in 2006.

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