Application For Self Scheduling And Retention Within The Healthcare Arena

Application For Self Scheduling And Retention Within The Healthcare Arena

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This literature review deals with self-scheduling and retention within the healthcare arena. Scheduling/ staffing has always been an ongoing process and issue involving retention. The connection of retention to self- scheduling reveals many times over that once nurses are satisfied with their schedule they can focus on improving care for their patients. Equally important, the satisfaction of knowing they are able to attend to their family needs and work life as well. Once job satisfaction is in place, a more productive and happier the staff/employee member becomes. In general benefits of job satisfaction covers scheduling, along with their morale and the organizations mission and vision. Empowerment promotes involvement and participation into the organization ability to operate. Staff/employees such as nurses grow and develop right along with the organization. Sharing in the decision making process promotes leadership skills, negotiation skills and conflict resolution (Scherb, Specht, Loes, & Reed, 2010). Reducing employee turnover is essential to the organization and their financial progress. Job satisfaction relates back to the “I CARE” vision and mission of the organization which increased morale increases patient care quality. With the help and influences of managers within the organization/unit helped with nursing empowerment, improved staff morale as well as productivity (Lin, Parng, & Gao, 2015). Of the nineteen articles review, there were many which revealed the same ideas and results. Nursing work life structure through empowerment can lead to job satisfaction (Manojlovich & Laschinger, 2007). Nursing involvement of self-rostering/scheduling improved empowerment, motivation, and scheduling effects of the orga...

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... self-scheduling was revealed (Koning, 2014).
• Self-scheduling Results in Increased Morale
• Self-scheduling Increases Control
• Self-scheduling Decreases Staff Turnover and Absenteeism
• Self-scheduling Increases Flexibility
• Self-scheduling Improves Work-life Balance
In any case, challenges were list or noted to consist of no decrease in absenteeism, increase in frustration, resistance, power dynamics, time allotment to manage self-scheduling (Koning, 2014). Stated in this literature were references to other authors expressing concerns over schedule planning, support, cooperation, and training which the end or termination was of said scheduling programs (Koning, 2014). Likewise self-scheduling is necessary for nurse development, nurse empowerment, as well as a cost saving aspect for the organization in reference to job satisfaction and retention (Koning, 2014).

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