Essay on Application For A Residency For Internal Medicine

Essay on Application For A Residency For Internal Medicine

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I have always looked forward to the day I would apply for a residency in Internal Medicine. My experiences from even before I got admitted to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria to date have shaped the specialist I aim to be and I am confident my background has prepared me to succeed in this pursuit.
I grew up in the south-eastern part of Nigeria where both the nuclear and extended family is close-knit. The gentle but professional way my uncle, a family physician took care of any ill member of our family resonated early in my life and I wanted to be a doctor like him. I always looked forward to going to his small practice during which I would ask him as many questions as my young mind could muster about medicine. After I gained admission into medical school, the journey from the pre-clinical years of understanding how the human body functions to the clinical years of seeing how that fund of knowledge transformed a sick person’s life caused me to gain a deep respect for the profession. I enjoyed all my rotations and learned so much from them. However, my first day in the medical ward remains indelible in my mind. The empathic way my Attending, Dr Ahaneku attended to a patient breathless from congestive cardiac failure tugged at my heart. As the rounds progressed, I was further fascinated by how like a puzzle, she was able to piece together little pieces of history and physical examination findings to come to a diagnosis. By the end of the ward round, I knew I wanted to be an Internist. Sadly, as my Internal Medicine rotations advanced, I realized most of the high mortality rates were secondary to infrastructural gaps. The brilliant way my superiors rose above these limitations to deliver the best patient care possible they c...

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...oncepts, Healthcare Administration, Research Methods and Environmental health, I now have a widened perspective of clinical medicine.
I look forward to your residency program which provides a rich learning environment, commits to top-notch patient care and promotes diversity, team work, self-realization and professional growth in even in areas such as research. On completing my residency in Internal Medicine, I hope to pursue a Fellowship in Cardiology. I also in the future hope to engage governments and International Health bodies in formulating and implementing health policies that will improve the health of under-served communities. I believe I am a good fit for your program because I bring to the table a culture of hard work, attention to detail, dynamism, compassion, teamwork and diversity. I am confident I would excel and exceed my expectations in your program.

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