Application Essay- Reasons I Should be Accepted into Trade Quest

Application Essay- Reasons I Should be Accepted into Trade Quest

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I took Business Studies GCSE and passed, but since that’s not enough to get me into Trade Quest, I’ve written around 2000 words to explain why I should be accepted.

I’m sure that most students applying to Trade Quest will have some form of trading experience. I like to read books about trading and I research stocks, but have no ‘real’ experience. Around a year ago, mid-2008, I wanted to buy approximately 200 shares in Apple (which, at the time, would’ve cost around $3000) but never went through with it. I did a lot of research, however, and knew about their upcoming products, their financial situation, and I would monitor the share price everyday. Not making the transaction was my first (and smartest) trading decision, as I didn’t lose any money. You see, at this time, the financial crisis had just started to take effect, and Apple’s share price plummeted from $175 to around $80 in the 6 months that followed.
I have already created a VSE account and know how the website works, where to get the information I need, how to join ‘games’, and have read the ‘Learning the Basics’ section. I immediately invested in Apple once I created the account. I currently have 500 shares and the share price has been fluctuating between $182 and $188 within the past week. I only invested to find out how the program works and was amazed by its realisticity.
I’m currently reading Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. This book got me interested in trading and inspired me to apply for Trade Quest. The whole book consists of interviews with top traders, their stories, tricks and lessons they learnt. While reading, I learnt a lot about ‘trading systems’. One of the interviewees, Ed Seykota, a trend trader (which basically means trend followi...

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...rsonal record! Furthermore, I am applying to Shout! magazine to be a writer for the ‘Current Affairs’ section. I have already provided my first article which would appear in next month’s issue if I’m accepted. I would have to provide an article every month for the rest of my school year.
Why am I giving you this information? I want to present myself as a focused individual with a memorable profile, someone who’s committed to certain things, not just someone who dabbles in everything without much commitment to any one particular activity. Because of the fact that I’m well-rounded and committed to certain activities, you can be sure that I have the will to build relationships, participate in groups and approach new environments with passion and vigor. I’ll stride for leadership positions and always cooperate within a team environment.


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