Application: Comparative Look at Action Research Essay

Application: Comparative Look at Action Research Essay

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Research can be seen as an orderly approach to investigate a subject matter for the purpose of obtaining and adding new knowledge (Ross, 2005 Ed). Research in education, is very dynamic because of the change we experienced in the 21st century classroom. “The movement of people and the transition of culture and language to the classroom and how we deal with it are answer through the use of researches” (Opie, 2003). The paradigm shift in the job market to a more technological advance environment the school is currently place on test to meet these challenges, but preparing it student for the world of work. Research is important for curriculum reviews and development of new textbooks. Research and it finding are important to development of education and new teaching strategies (Nguyen, 2007).
Yes. I have experienced and seen traditional educational conduct in the past. My colleague was conducting a traditional research to find out the “effectiveness of staff induction program in school” in a particular educational district in Guyana. The finding reveals that induction forms an important part of staff integration in the education system.
Educational research is often leaded by the educator them self and is conducted in an education setting at prescribe time outline by the researcher (Dana & Yenol- Hoppey, 2009). Educational researcher is conducted to “develop deeper understand of the issues” and find new solution to the problem (Dana & Yenol- Hoppey). It also provide insight into new knowledge and skills in dealing with the problem been investigated.
There are several striking difference between the teach inquiry/ action research and educational researcher. In a teacher inquiry / action research the...

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