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Applicant Tracking System Essay

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Initial / Project Charter

Copyright © 2001, 2002 Ford Motor Company
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Contents Page
Project Goal and Objectives 6
Exclusions 7
Assumptions 7
Deliverable Scope 7
Project Deliverables 7
Inputs 7
Organisational Scope and Dependencies 8
Temporal Scope (Timing) 9
Project Control Milestones 9
MS Project Plan 9
Logical Scope 9
Financial Scope 10
Spending 10
Operating Expenses 10
Financial Benefits 10
Additional Benefits 10
Approach to Measure Project Results 10
Critical Risk Factors 11
Other Risks 12
Related Programs and Projects 12
Scope Management Approach 13
Issues Management Approach 13
Risk Management Approach 13
Quality Management Approach 13
Implementation & Transition Management Approach 14
Communications Management Approach 14
Staff 14
Contingency Approach 15
Resource Management Approach 15
Roles and Responsibilities 16
Project Team Members 17

Executive Summary

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Project Name Project Number
Applicant Tracking system 17565
Program Name (if applicable) Program Number (if applicable)

Project Manager Business Project Owner Executive Sponsor
Thirumalairaj (T.) Balaji Cindy Felstow Sherrie Winfield
Program Manager Project Start Date Project End Date
4/15/2010 11/30/2010
Business Issue and / or Opportunity
• New Applicant tracking system is a single system that supports standard recruiting process for fulltime salar...

... middle of paper ...

...submit resume to a specific position or blind post their resume. System will also inform candidates of updates in the Ford hiring process.
System will allow recruiters to configure and update pre-screening questions and help select the right candidate by matching/ranking/scoring of qualified applicants automatically. System will equip recruiters with tools that can modify job criteria after position has been posted and view all positions that a candidate has applied for. Recruiters can also view list of all candidates that have applied to a specific postings and can schedule interviews with selected candidates. Recruiters will have the ability to manage and track the job offer process and order background checks and drug screens. They can deliver and receive updated hiring forms from new hire. They can run standard & ad hoc reports to support business metrics.

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