Essay on Apples of Gold: A Fictional Narrative

Essay on Apples of Gold: A Fictional Narrative

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Apples of Gold

I walked though the early darkness; the trees standing in stark contrast to a cloud laden sky. My nightly trek to check the deer in the north woods took longer than I antisaped.
After the heat of August and September, I enjoy cool days of December. A few fakes of snow drifted through barren branches. I hurried along crunching dead leaves underfoot their scent rising like perfume. Tomorrow was Christmas. I had never lost the excitement or the wonder of the day. The anticipation of Christmas makes my heart beat faster even if I am a grownup child.
The chilled air was refreshing but the tempur has fallen 10 degrees in the last hour. The chill is beginning to penetrate my thick clothing. The stream over the hill is rushing to escape the ice forming at its edges. A race it will soon lose. In April, the water flows fast and furious. Today it is a fast trickle the water just covering the soles of my gumboots.
On the hill to my right, a coyote howls at the unseen moon. His brothers’ counters from my lift. Both concealed by brush. Even though I know coyotes rarely attack humans, the hair raises on the back of my neck. I quicken my steps. Dipping below the horizon the sun assures me of a fair day with its rising. The north wind tells another story, its breath heavy with snow. Maybe tomorrow we will wake to the sight of a pristine white world.
There is nothing as peaceful as a silent snow storm its flakes gently floating down to cover the flawed earth. Each flake like people of a different design.
At the back of the house, the birds huddle around the feeders. Each one wering for ...

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...d destitute individuals. Every investigation always came to a dead end. A conserve estimate surmised that over the years the donor had given somewhere around twenty million.
My wife and I continue the philanthropy James Denver and Sarah Ann Aikman started in 1910. Each year we take out one apple and sell it through a private organization. The money then is given as instructed in the note. At this time, we have given away several apples, yet there are still eight in the sack. And so once again God has proven His word to be true.
‘He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto
The Lord; and that which he hath given will He pay him again.’
Oh, and the gold coins? Through we have spent more than a hundred there are still thirty in the bag. Our reward for doing what The Lord has asked.
Merry Christmas

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