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Apple's Marketing Strategies Essay

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Marketing is a tool that is constantly utilized in business. This tool allows customers to familiarize themselves with the products they are purchasing or are interested in purchasing. Companies spend billions of dollars annually marketing their products to hopefully attract consumers. Apple often markets their company as the ones who “Think Different”, but surprisingly Apple’s spending amount on marketing is fairly low compared to its amount of sales and the size of the company. Apple is able to keep the cost low all thanks to specialized marketing strategies.
Marketing has the ability to have your product praised upon or crushed by consumers, and what determines that is a marketing plan. The objectives of marketing plans are determined by how the marketer wants the product to be seen; meaning if the marketer wants to sell a product to teenagers then the advertisements would most likely attract teenagers. The next step in creating a marketing plan is figuring out what attracts the group of people you are selling to. Research shows that consumers need about seven hours of communication before they decide whether to purchase a product or not; this does not mean a sales person has to talk to a consumer for seven hours; communication can include visiting the product’s website, researching the product, or talking to previous customers about the product (Boyle, 2011). In order to find out what consumers want, many marketers turn to surveys to hopefully give them inspirations as to how to market their products.
In 1960, EJ McCarthy created a marketing tool called the “4Ps” which is the best known means of defining the marketing mix; the 4Ps are product (or service), place, price, and promotion (,2013). These elements are ...

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...tion not just their customers, but also in everything they touch (Tweedie,2013).
Apple uses this specialized attention to captivate their customers, and make them feel at ease when being overwhelmed by the most advanced piece of technology out there. This specialized attention is significantly focused around their marketing strategies, because it is the closes the company can get into their consumers’ minds. These are all explanations as to why there is always a specialized tech team at an Apple store, and why Apple ships out their online products from the warehouse within 24 hours; because they know what attracts our attention and our business. Apple’s marketing strategies has put their company over the top with simplistic strategies that many companies tend to over think, when in reality all we need is something that captivates our attention; like a bitten apple.

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