Essay on The Apple Watch And The Android Watch

Essay on The Apple Watch And The Android Watch

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The Apple watch and the Android watch are two of the most popular smartwatches available for consumers today. They were both released in the 21st century and are mostly designed as a companion to your smartphone. These smartwatches provide many different features to its customers. Some of these features include the ability to track your fitness and health goals, alerting you of incoming calls or messages, connecting the internet and providing directions and GPS coordinates. By offering such features its main appeal to consumers is that is saves them time. These smartphones are also both considered waterproof. Although, these smartwatches seem very similar, they also have many differences that appeal to people and make purchasing one a bit challenging and at times confusing.
One of the many differences between the Apple watch and the Android watch that can have an impact on a consumers purchase is their selection of designs, prices and displays. The Apple watch shape has square rounded corners and is available in four different models. The Apple watch sport, Apple watch, Appl...

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