Essay on Apple : The Leading Technology Company

Essay on Apple : The Leading Technology Company

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Ever wonder How a Corporation, could start out of nothing and become the leading technology Company in the world. Its amazing, Apple is A company That is a great example.

Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs where best friends in high school. They had both been interested in electronics. They always tried there best to keep in touch after graduation, they both ended up dropping out of school and getting jobs working for companies in Silicon Valley. Woz worked for helewt packer and jobs for Atari.
Wozniak had been working in designing computers for along time when, in 1976, he designed the Apple1. Jobs, who had an eye for the future, insisted that he and Wozniak try to sell the machine, and on April 1, 1976, Apple Computer was born. People did not take the Apple I very seriously, and Apple did not begin to take off until 1977, when apple 2 debuted at a local computer trade show. It was The first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics, the Apple II was an impressive machine. Orders for Apple machines increased several times. And with the introduction in early '78 of the Apple Disk II, which is the most inexpensive, easy to use floppy drive ever (during that time), Apple sales further Increased even further when they introduced the apple 11
With the increase in sales, Also, the company increased in size, and by 1980, when the Apple 3 was released, Apple had several thousand employees, and was beginning to sell computers over country’s all over the world.
In 1981, things got difficult. With other technology companies in the market like Samsung, made it more difficult to sell computers, and in February. Apple had to lay off 40 employees. Wozniak was injured in a plane crash. He took a leave of absence so J...

... middle of paper ...

...nly designed for Apple
1. Pages in Apple Simplified Version of Microsoft Word
2. Keynote Is the Simplified Version of Microsoft PowerPoint
3. Numbers Is the Simplified Version of Microsoft Excel
Conclusion :
Apple has always been known for, anything thing they design always only works on Apple products and that is what sets them apart from other Technology companies
Today Apple is a successful Technology company that is thriving in todays economy with a Value of 700 Billion Dollars, by selling product like” IPhone, IPad, IPod, Mac and Apple Watch
They are coming out with new products every year that step up the technology Standards for the the market
On September 9th Apple introduced the IPhone 6s and 6s plus and within the first 24 hours’ apple had over 4 million preorders
As you can see Apple is a company that creates convenience and value for its customers.

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