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Apple Tablet vs Samsung Tablet Essays

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In today’s advanced world that we live in, we could hardly see ourselves not getting in touch with mobile devices. It first started with a cup of coffee and we will spontaneously slip our phones or tablets out for online free newspaper in the morning, checking the traffic before our journey, sending e-mails to clients, having conference calls and many other features. Tablet, the all in one device that we hold everywhere we go. The purpose of this paper is to observe the popularity of tablet brand between Apple Ipad and Samsung Note. In this paper company’s marketing mix will be emphasize to deliver better evidence to prove the result of the leading brand. (Schedeen, 2010) The ideas of personal computer were getting a lot of attention, especially after the sci-fi movie Star Trek and 2011. In these movies it showcased the existence of future computer as a portable object with full colors and touch screen features instead of a computer that may take out half of a room. It wasn’t long for this miracle to attract engineers from turning it fictional to reality. In 1980’s the era where people can afford to purchase mobile devices although mobile phones comes in a very large form, tech companies are dipping their toes into the expanding tablet market and GRiD system has offer an actual portable tablet-based computer in 1989. TheGRiD weight 1.5pounds and it also came with a few mind blowing features like fax/modem card, internal floopy drive and a PCMCIA slot. In the 90’s Apple began developing its own product to the market called The Apple Newton. The Newton was intended to be a larger computer along thr lines of the GRiDPad it was eventually shrunk down to a more pocket-friendly size. With that incredible product being developed the Newt...

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... the society has accepted the great creation of tablets for their needs and wants, the popularity of tablets are increasing and users are constantly hoping for newer IT advancement.

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