Essay about Apple Should Not Be Above The Law

Essay about Apple Should Not Be Above The Law

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Did you ever think about data security? When you surfing the internet, people look at the thing that you are watching without your permission. People get your personal secret information through the operating system in your device. People getting know your communication with others. And all these things happen, you even you don’t know it. Can you stand it? What do you feel if those happen to you?
Here is an article talking about should Apple comply with the court’s order or not, Apple should not be above the law, by Richard Burr. This issue is about Apple refuse to unlock the iPhone that found in a car. The car was used by terrorists who killed fourteen people in a cruel horror attack. The author, Richard Burr, think, Apple should follow what court want it to do, such as unlock the phone to help FBI get more information about terrorists. Even I disagree with the author since I believe Apple has right to protect its users’ privacy, I think this article is straightforward and easy to follow. In this article, the author provides all the background facts and then give precedent that similar to this case, following by reaction of Apple, at the end showing author’s point of view.
In the article, Apple should not be above the law, the author first introduces the horror attack in California at the end of 2015. Fourteen people were killed in this horror attack. Even after two months, investigators don’t have ideas about the terrorists’ information. However, investigators found a new clue, a new iPhone in the car that belongs to terrorists. IPhone is an important point, in this case, it might relate to other planning that terrorists have, and others terrorists. Court order Apple to unlock the iPhone in order to help law enforcement agents. ...

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... law enforcement access to data based on valid legal orders, but that 's wholly different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices & data" (John Gregory, 2016). Pichai thinks it would be a bad precedent.
In the article, Apple should not be above the law, the author provided an overall accuracy of information, good logic, and organization. Apple refuse to comply with FBI to unlocking the iPhone which might use by terrorists who killed fourteen people in horror attack. In this case, the iPhone is an important point. But Apple believes it will damage its brand reputation if they unlock the iPhone. In author’s, Richard Burr, point of view, Apple should help FBI and unlock the phone. But in my opinion, Apple, as a company, should be responded to its users’ privacy, and shouldn’t unlock the iPhone. If they do so, people might not trust Apple anymore.

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