Apple 's Market Strategy For Apple Essay

Apple 's Market Strategy For Apple Essay

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Market Strategy
Apple is a company that is well known by kids and adults, worldwide. A person can hear the name iPhone and many will know it is made by Apple. The same with iPods and Macs. Apple brand is well known and does not need to be explained. Many associate Apple with high cost yet high quality. Fun, innovative, expensive, universal, reliable are just a few words that often describe Apple products. Apple is frequently ahead of the competition, but more importantly products are not released until they are ‘right’. This is to ensure the customers have the best experience possible with their purchase without technical issues clouding the joy.
Product Lines and Mix
Over the years Apple has increased their product mix. What began as just a couple of computer options evolved into multiple computer choices, as well as iOS devices. The computer product line include desktops and laptops. The laptops are further separated into MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. The various iOS product line include iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs.
Then there are the accessory items that relate to the primary product, such as printers, headphones, data backup options, device cases and many more.

Marketing Segmentation
Apple’s market segmentation strategy group people into generational age groups as these groups typically have one primary concern above all others such as ease of use, product reliability, being hip and cool, as well as available support. Therefore, the approach taken is the multi-segmented approach so that Apple can appeal to the different generations and offer different pricing options.
For example, older people often are uneasy with new technology. Marketing for this group is aimed to reassuring...

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...c interested, from young to old, but keeping things simple. Advertising is simplified to reflect typical usage rather than the extreme. Often commercials include an emotional connection of some sort. One recent commercial that reflects this is the grandmother who needed help with using FaceTime and contacted support to figure out the issue. By the end of the call she could connect to FaceTime and was so happy that she would now be able to see her new grandchild from several thousand miles away.
Apple knows complicated concepts do not work so by reducing the number of steps to accomplish something, combined with outstanding support, a higher price is acceptable to most. Innovation brings excitement that often appeals to new customers, but the experience of wonderful support and reliability of the actual products after the purchase is what creates life long customers.

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