Apple 's Brand Loyalty Towards Iphones Essay

Apple 's Brand Loyalty Towards Iphones Essay

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As a consumer, I have noticed that I have developed a brand loyalty towards iPhones which are produced by Apple. iPhones are a type of smartphone that is in competition with androids which are another type of smartphone. This is one example of branded merchandise that is present in my life. Another example of branded merchandise in my life is coca cola products. Coca cola products are a broad selection of drinks that are directly in competition with Pepsi products. Examining how the products and the advertisements for these products can have an impact on our daily lives and thoughts is incredibly important.
The way that possessing an iPhone can affect my personal values and attitudes is that I see it as being more superior to android phones despite that it has many issues. iPhones seem to be the phone for younger generations and those who are more tech savvy than alternative phones which lead to it being sought after. In regards to the perspective functions of media in everyday life, the uses and gratifications theory especially comes into play; more so than the bullet theory or the...

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