Essay on Apple Products: The iPod

Essay on Apple Products: The iPod

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The Beginning

The world's first MP3 player was Saehan's MPMan, which started selling throughout Asia in the late spring of 1998 (Topolsky, 2008). Two variations of it known only as the Eiger Labs MPMan F10 and F20 started selling during the summer a few short months before the Diamond Multimedia Rio PMP300. At the time, the MPMan was worth around $200 to $250. The internal flash memory could be expanded but not the external memory. The F10 model wasn't user expandable but the memory could be upgraded from 32mb to 64mb by mailing the device in to Eiger labs for the cost of $70.95. Both used one AA battery as the power supply. It was from the invention of the MPMan that inspired Apple to create its first iPod. It took the flaws of this and other MP3 players, improved them, and combined them to their own designs to make one of the most well know pieces of technology out there.

iPod through the Years

iTunes was first introduced in January of 2001 and in October of that year, Apple launched the first iPod promising a never before heard of "1, 000 songs in your pocket" (Apple Press Info, 2014). A mere 9 months later, the second version iPod was introduced promising to hold up to 4, 000 songs. In April of 2003 the doors were opened to the iTunes music store promising ninety-nine cent songs. On the same day, the 3rd generation iPod with a capacity of 7, 500 songs, was released. Up to that point the iPod was pretty much the same as at the beginning, just with larger song space. In June of 2004 however, Apple released another type of iPod, the iPod mini. Unlike the original iPod, this one was not just introduced in five different colors but it was significantly smaller. The year 2005 brought along two new additions to the iPod family- ...

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...t no new Zune players would be developed, and that from then on the Zune line would be discontinued.

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