Apple Products : An Indicator Of High Social Status Essay

Apple Products : An Indicator Of High Social Status Essay

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The reason why Apple has been so successful is the fact that the company creates high quality, stylish and sophisticated products by paying close attention to details. Apple products are seen as an indicator of high social status symbol and company has a huge number of followers. Apple entered the market when no other company paid attention to design of products, like phones and laptops. The market timing was perfect. While other companies were focusing on creating products by using the best technology that they can get their hands on, Apple paid close attention to details that are almost least important to other companies while creating new products. I am not sure that the company focuses on creating products that people actually need, but the company actually comes up with great products and tells people what they actually want. This want then translates into a need for the consumers. No other company has the guts to do that. It is like the engineers creating the products, actually make them for themselves. The products are user-centric and the company places all its efforts in ensuring that the products are easy to use, in order to deliver a great user experience. The products are easy to understand and learn. Technological enhancements have made everything more intricate, which makes keeping things simple difficult. This is where the company’s competitive advantage lies. Apple almost creates one product, as “a new product is the same as the old one: different, but the same” (Thomke & Feinberg). This is not a limiting factor for a company because as humans, even though we love choices, we want the process of making a choice of a technical product to be easy.
Apple has been bold to experiment outside its core market and tapped...

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...tform ( Huge advancements to improve the Windows platform are being undertaken, and there could be a potential shift to platforms other than the mostly “preferred” iOS for app development.
Lastly, on the Tim Cook leadership. I see an addiction of Apple users for Apple products. There have been great expectations from the company for each new product, and time and again, Apple has been releasing the same kind of products with a different look and feel. This hasn’t reduced the customer loyalty or the “fan” following of the company. There was definitely a huge fan following of Steve Jobs as well. With Time Cook as the new leader, if anything, I believe a new and fresh perspective on things is always a great idea. Only time will tell how this works out, but for now all I can say is that the change in leadership might just be a great thing for the company.

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