Apple Is Pursuing A Broad Differentiation Strategy Essay

Apple Is Pursuing A Broad Differentiation Strategy Essay

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Overarching Type of Strategy
Brian Masi says, “Apple is pursuing a broad differentiation strategy. Apple differentiates by offering high-quality, exceptional design, and personalized service. The scope of their strategy is broad targeting customers ranging from unsophisticated beginner users to specials needs power-users.” (Masi, 2009) To develop a strategic vision, there are a few significant elements that Apple uses to formulate a successful long term strategy plan:
• Trend Identification – Steve Jobs visualized a strategy to create a product based on consumer wants. Steve Jobs used his networking abilities to research other areas within the industry. This helped Apple to identify any possible trends.
• Competitor Analysis – Apple decided to ally with Microsoft in developing essential products. Jobs successfully researched and understood the competition, which allowed him to forge an agreement with Microsoft that proved to be beneficial to both organizations.
• Innovation – Apple utilized the Schumpeterian model, which focuses on consumer needs as opposed to simply enhancing the current product. By doing this allowed Apple to continue to enhance its current products as well as create new products. Innovation permits businesses to take advantage of the “first mover advantage,” subsequently realizing greater profits.
• Develop Brand Awareness – Developing brand awareness can be done by using imaginative campaigns and innovative advertising methods to enhance the Apple brand. Apple utilized an extremely distinctive strategy that allowed Apple’s brand to grow.
• Optimize Distribution – Apple overhauled its delivery structure. This allowed Apple to distribute on a national level. Apple also began to expand its retail stores whic...

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...egic leadership method, “Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach...” It seems that both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were proficient at teaching and leading Apple by example. This is a quality that many managers and executives seem to lack. Which is why Apple Inc. continues to reign supreme and rise above its competition. Apple Inc. can be viewed as a model of a business that even in hard times kept pushing forward and regained that success that Apple once had. This is type of leadership that can turn a mediocre company into a very successful company. It will take hard work and dedication not only from the administration but also the employees. When the employees and the executive are on the same page and working towards the same long-term goals, success is inevitable.

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