Essay about Apple Ipad / Technological Solutions

Essay about Apple Ipad / Technological Solutions

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It has applications with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as other developmental disabilities. The technique makes use of pictures and objects as opposed to a technology-based solution like the iPad (PECS, 2015).
Literature Review
Apple iPad/Technological Solutions
When it comes to the Apple iPad, there is certainly a large number of proponents that tout its efficacy and performance when it comes to helping autism-stricken children. Boyd, Hart-Barnett and More (2015) note that the advent and emergence of mobile technology has introduced a new communication medium and opportunity for students that are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. There is a significant amount of customization that is allowed for with the iPad and the use of the iPad solution, as opposed to systems like PECS, offers a much less stigmatizing and humiliating means to get treatment but yet still allows for therapeutic treatment and progress to take place. However, Boyd and his colleagues do caution that the research about the efficacy of the iPad and similar solutions is not always keeping up with the emergence of the technologies and software suites being used. In addition, Boyd notes that the quality and performance of intervention can be measured using several different yardsticks, including the ability to customize the solution, the motor skills that are needed to operate the system. The resources and time that are needed for the intervention in question, the research or evidence-based practices that support the intervention in question and the cost of the specific device or application that is being used (Boyd, Hart-Barnett & More, 2015).

An additional study that focused on the iPad in particular was offered by Cumming, Strnadova and Singh in 2014....

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...ys when it comes to creating and facilitating interventions for autism spectrum disorder. The potential tradeoff with technology is that the training and knowledge of teachers and administrators can be either a plus or a liability depending on the situation. However, the customizability and Apple-based support (not to mention the applications for the same) are very intriguing and they seem to make the Apple iPad system a very worth investment. That all being said, not all school systems will have the resources and funds to make use of the iPad. However, that is not a huge problem as the PECS system is still ostensibly effective in its own way. Even so, it would be extremely beneficial for governments and parents to make the investment in technology since it is the direction that society and education outlets is clearly heading in, over the coming years and decades.

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