Apple Incorpotation: Electronics, Software, and Personal Computers Essay

Apple Incorpotation: Electronics, Software, and Personal Computers Essay

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Apple Incorporation is an American Multinational Corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Apple Incorporation’s world corporate had quarters are located in the middle of Silicon Valley, at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.
History of Apple Inc
Apple incorporation was started in 1976, Steve Wozniak as one of the founder, hand-built the Apple I and introduced it at April 1976. Steve Wozniak and his friends, Steve Jobs develop their product and then in 1977 they released Apple II. In 1980, the directors of apple made sure that Apple become a ‘real company’ and in the same year Apple released new product which is Apple III. In 1981, Apple was forced to lay off 40 employees because of the saturated market. And in March Steve Jobs became chairman of Apple Computer. Jobs was realized that Apple have to become a ‘grown up’ company to compete IBM, that’s why Jobs hire John Sculley to be president of Apple. He was success and Sculley became president and CEO of Apple in April 1983. Sculley became the de facto of Apple after Jobs resigned. Unfortunately, under Sculley’s authority Apple was not run well, Apple was force to lay off around 1200employees and at the same time, Apple locked in a battle with Microsoft’s Bill Gates because there were many similarities between Windows 1.0 and Mac GUI. The introduction of Laser Writer and Page Maker was the things that made Apple out from the hole. And the introduction of Mac II made Apple riding high for the next decade. Jobs’ return was like a light in the darkness, slowly but sure Jobs brought Apple to the top of victory. Jobs became permanent CEO and president of Apple Incorporation, here he re-organize the structur...

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...orkers in working. After this problem, Apple was under pressure to solve its supplier conduct in treating workers. Because the way United Win Technology factory came up for this issue are firstly they fully responsible for the workers’ healing from the infected. After the workers are being cured, they directly are being laid off from the company. The reason is Win Tech didn’t want to take any risk anymore by keep hiring the workers in the company.
Apple Company has its own way to come up with this problem. This issue wouldn’t happen if Apple Company cares enough to its supplier. From the very beginning Apple should pay attention to every step that its suppliers take. The welfare of workers in the supplier factory should get more attention not from the supplier itself but also from Apple, because they are the ones who should receive the reward for what they’ve done.

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