Apple Inc, By Steve Wozniak Essay

Apple Inc, By Steve Wozniak Essay

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Apple Inc, founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs, headquartered in California is a multinational technology giant. Developing, designing creating consumer electronics, computer software, online services. Well-known for the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, Siri and the IOS operating systems which transfers and sync on all apple devices with just one click. Consumers like myself are fascinated with all things Apple. Apple fashioned an assortment of deceives and programs that are not only visually cool but also easy to use and makes my life easier. Apple is significant to me since my Blackberry crashed twice (I lost everything), Apple’s Icloud stores all your information in one step in the cloud. Imagine the world without the IPhone or IPad, Apple, in my opinion, has made an enormous leap in the technological spectrum and will continue to set the bar for years to come.

Apple faces several internal and external challenges, which I will discuss today: They have excellent customer service professionals, highly skilled team members, rising cost associated with keeping such talent, provided an opportunity for a rich and diverse workforce, aggressive competition from various tech companies.
SWOT Apple Inc.
Strength - Exclusively selected employees
Weakness - Increasing employment cost
Opportunity - Diverse workforce
Threat -Aggressive competition

A company’s achievements are initiated by their employees; they must be elevated level employee engagement. An engaged employee is vested and absorbed, they are emotionally committed to the company’s success. When employees are not content they modestly producing and often do not care about their overall performance, simply ...

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... – one focused on elevated employee morale and engagement, increases productivity, and ultimately, increase profits and overcome competition. “An IBM Global CEO study in 2008 cited an unsupportive culture as the number one obstacle to innovation. Organizations that have a culture that supports innovation are often customer focused, value-driven and strategic. They ensure that their operating strategies are developed through interactions with their: employees, customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and consultants. They review market trends and identify, through benchmarking, what is required to out-perform their competition. (Mishra, 2015)
A recent study by the Harris Group indicated that Executives see a culture of innovation as crucial to not only growing their business (95%) and profitability (94%) but also for attracting and keeping talent (86%). (Mishra, 2015)

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