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Apple, Inc. Business Analysis Essay

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Apple, incorporated. Created by innovative CEO Steve jobs (who recently passed away) and with the support of Steve Wozniak, is now a multinational corporation that’s focuses on consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. With its broad line of revenue including: the apple computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac apple strived for success with the idea to reach all consumers as its target market. The company started from Steve Jobs parent’s garage to its first building in Cupertino, California in 1977. The first computer (Apple I) was created in 1976 and sold to a local computer store called “The Byte Shop” offered at 500 dollars per assembled computer. This became the first computer to display text at 60 characters per second, which at the current time, was the fastest. After more calibrations the Apple I finally became complete after Wozniak included bootstrap code on ROM, which made it easier to start up. Finally, at the insistence of Paul Terrell, Wozniak also designed a cassette interface for loading and saving programs, at the then-rapid pace of 1200 bit/s. Although the machine was fairly simple, it was nevertheless a masterpiece of design, using far fewer parts than anything in its class, and quickly earning Wozniak a reputation as a master designer.
As stated, the Apple I was a relatively simple computer designed to be personal and for home use. It was good enough to be sold but Wozniak and Jobs knew it wasn’t the best it could be. After its first sale of 200 computers, Wozniak, allowed from the profit made, designs the Apple II. It was introduced in April 17, 1977 at the West Coast Computer Fair with an added owner Mike Markkula and first President, Mike Scott. This Machine was greatly modified that it ...

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... just like any prospering corporations had a roller coaster ride from startup to where they are today. I believe that the key contributors were Jobs and Wozniak. Wozniak’s innovative mind and Jobs determination were what drove this company into a multinational Corp. Unfortunately; Jobs resigned this year as the CEO of Apple, Inc. two months before his loss of his long battle of Pancreatic Cancer.

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