Apple Computer: How Apple Has Managed to Reinvent Itself Over the Years

Apple Computer: How Apple Has Managed to Reinvent Itself Over the Years

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On April 1, 1976, Steven Paul Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the company Apple each for different reasons. Jobs wanted to make money but Wozniak just wanted to engineer his own computer. Therefore, there first success was creating this great partnership each person driven by their own passions. Their first computer the Apple I computer board sold in kit form helped get them started in the computer world.

Their next project started with the idea to build a computer that didn’t require the computer shop to put it together before you can take it home. In 1977, the Apple II computer made that idea a reality by allowing customers to pick up their computers right off the shelf for only $1295. The Apple Computer sells over 78,000 computers during 1980. I believe the success of the Apple II was due to timing, convenience, knowledge about the industry and affordability.

Consequently, there were a lot of failures each one was due to not following their original formula for success to timing, convenience, knowledge about the industry and affordability. The first failure was the Lisa computer released in 1983 costing close to $10,000 it was the computer that combined a graphical user interface with a mouse. It had all of the same ingredients to be just has successful has the Apple II except it was not affordable. Therefore, many people started buying IBM's PCs instead. After learning a valuable lesson Apple released the Macintosh in 1984 with a price tag of $2,495, which had all the attributes has the Lisa but it was affordable and still offered a graphical user interface.

The Macintosh Portable was another failure released in 1989, weighing 15.5 pounds and costing over $6,500 this was doom to fail due to inconvenience, affordabilit...

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