Essay about Apple Company : Zero Tolerance Policy

Essay about Apple Company : Zero Tolerance Policy

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Apple Company is one of the leading company in the field of technology. Apple’s lead does not come by coincidence. The company has made tremendous efforts to build its reputation. Since its establishment until now the company has experienced several challenges that shaped its vision and its way of doing business. Therefore, suppliers must adhere to its code of conduct if they want to reach success as well. A code of conduct that labor, human rights, empowering employees, protecting environment, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, and holding wrongdoers accountable are its main pillars.
When it comes to labor and Human Rights, Apple Company has zero tolerance policy with suppliers who let underage workers work in their workshop. Wrongdoers who violate Apple’s policy will have to go through several corrective actions. By implementing these actions, they prove to Apple their good faith and their willingness to adhere to its code of conduct. For instance, if underage children found working for any Apple suppliers during an audit, Apple Company makes them pay for their future expenses such as school and their basic needs until they reach the legal age which can vary from one country to another. In addition, to prevent suppliers from the employment of children, Apple does not allow its suppliers to let employees work more than 60 hours per week. Apple’s workers need to take a mandatory day off if they work six consecutive days.
The Apple Company knows well the value of the human capital; therefore, the company and its suppliers create several initiatives to educate their employees and give them more opportunities to advance with the company. One of the successful programs that Apple create to serve this purpose calle...

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...s to create a sense of responsibility among its suppliers. Apple by setting rules and standards is trying to help its suppliers to reach success. The aim behind the code of conduct is to draw a road map that will guide Apple’s partners to do things in the right way.
There is a fierce competition between companies to win the customer’s trust and loyalty. Apple Company is fully aware about the challenges that might face its development and its suppliers. Since its establishment until now, the Apple Company accumulated several experiences to confront challenges that might face or one of its suppliers. When apple comes up with a code of conduct, it was based on its successful experience in the sector of technology. Therefore, suppliers must literally follow and apply the code of its conduct if they want to reach success and keep their businesses lead among others.

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