Essay on The Apple Company

Essay on The Apple Company

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The name of the company we choose is Apple. The Apple Company is a multinational corporation that provides consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software and commercial servers. Apple is a digital distributor in media. Apple Company also has retail stores selling and making products of iPhones, IPad, iPod media player, Macintosh computer line. Steve Jobs and Steve Wonizk are the founders of Apple Company. On April 1, 1976 and was incorporated in January 3, in California of 1977 .The product we are using is the iPhone 7s/ 7s plus. The services that are offered for this product is retina HD display with 3D touch which is a high quality screen and clearer display with 3D touch that senses how intensely you touch the screen, letting you do many things much more simply and efficiently. 12-megapixel iSight camera which gives the ability to take live photos and has a much better lasting memory; with a photo album organizing by date and time where the photo was taken exactly. Security is very important because a phone is a personal device that consumers will use to keep their personal information safe. The use of face recognition for security purposes in case others not wanted in your phone like hackers, instead of typing in a password or using your fingerprint your phone will be able to recognize your face for more security to make it impossible for anyone unwanted to have access to your personal device. The phone take pictures of your face from all different angles and remember certain features about you for when you want to unlock your phone using the face recognition.
The iPhone 7s/7s plus is an innovative screen keeping your iPhone strong and durable. If you accidently drop your phone you don’t have to worry about being...

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...tos and documents from your iPhone to your iPad or vice versa. You can also transfer all videos and songs to your MacBook and there are photo programs where you can edit your photos. Something new that just came out is the Apple Watch. In Analyzing the article Palenchar J (2012) author stated you can sync the Apple Watch with your iPhone so that you can get text notifications, email notifications, check the weather, get calendar reminders, and use GPS and much more (Palenchar J, 2012). Apple is very well known for their products. According to Palenchar J (2012) author stated, Apple is the #1 most valuable brand. Apple products are unique, the way it looks and the way it works (Palenchar J, 2012). It attracts customers because of the design and the features that the products, like the iPhone can do. Most of the features on the phone is to make people’s lives easier.

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