Apple And The Biggest Computer System Essay

Apple And The Biggest Computer System Essay

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Apple and Microsoft are one of the biggest computer systems known to man. Both are very different from each other that attract many people. Apple offers unique products and gadgets within the device. It comes with a variety of different things that have multiple positive items. Apple is clearly a better choice when it comes to electronic devices.
Apple consists of multiple different devices. Each and everyone can link to each device so you can access whatever you 're doing on any of your devices. Not only can you access your files, but you can use your device in the most easiest, slickest way. On the MacBook pro and iMac you can slide your fingers to go back onto the previous page on the internet. You can also go from app to app with sliding your finger, that’s a lot better than having to click everywhere.
On the iPhone and tablets you can also move from each app and page by sliding your thumb. Business and other extravagances can get done both easier and faster than ever. Apple consist of its own built in word, powerpoint, and excel which are called pages, keynote, and numbers, but better yet it’s free. Why would anybody want to pay for something every year when they can get it included in the price of purchasing the device? Not only does apple come with no subscription, it also has iTunes.
iTunes is an app that plays and downloads music. You can listen to music anywhere with a small fee. Music can be bought from one to two ways, by buying each song or paying a monthly subscription that offers free music, radio channels (like pandora), and the lyrics to each song. Not only will you get these awesome features, but iTunes gets every song before any other music players. There are millions of songs to get access to.

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... your own music production.
Apple’s computers are by far my favorite of all of their products. The lifetime of both the laptops and desktops are outstanding. At 7 years old they run just as fast as it was brand new and still with zero viruses. Microsoft computers have so many viruses that it destroys the computer’s life, which makes the customer by more and more computers when they could have had one Apple computer, instead of three Microsoft operating computer.
Owning an Apple product isn’t just outstanding, but it is an investment. There are many options and opportunities with purchasing both the handheld devices and/or the computers. Owning an Apple device will last the longest and make a customer the proudest. Almost everything is included with the purchase of the device with no annual fees. Apple is clearly a better choice when it comes to electronic devices.

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