Essay on Apple And Microsoft : The Power Of The Computing Industry

Essay on Apple And Microsoft : The Power Of The Computing Industry

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Apple and Microsoft are the two major super powers of the computing industry, from the creation of operating systems, stylish designs of devices, to the re-invention of the computer. Each company has their own ideas of the perfect computing device, and much of the consumer base for each company can agree or disagree with either company’s opinion. Coming from a Best Buy employee and always providing the best possible advice to consumers, the common argument is which company and devices created are better. Although, Apple’s Macintosh unit sells are greater, mainly due to the simplicity of use; Microsoft has a more improved marketability, and an increasingly superior stock market value. Microsoft, unlike its opposition Apple, has many design features for its devices with unlimited possibilities and functions in creating the perfect device for its consumers and fans.
Quite a few anti-Microsoft socialists complain about Microsoft’s inability to effectively protect a computer running Microsoft’s operating system Windows 10, and that Apple’s Macintosh never acquires viruses, malware, or any form of adware. Yes, it is difficult to get a malicious and harmful affliction on a Macintosh computer with its operating system and this is a famous statistic, but contrary to popular belief this is a well-known misconception. In fact, Windows 10 has a built in security program called Windows Defender and this protects the computer for malevolent attacks. For example, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) is transferring from the use of its current computer operating system to Microsoft’s operating system Windows 10; in order to combat potential security threats and keep national security safe. Windows 10 and all Microsoft’s family of devi...

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...ier and cheaper to replace compared to Apple’s Macintosh.
Monopolization on products is a major drag and bummer. Who wants to have a computer that only works with proprietary peripherals? Most people don’t like to be tied down, bound, or completely stuck with a device that just does not work. Even though many people will still think or say that Microsoft creates and produces inferior products, and that Apple is much better; the question still stands, “Which company and devices created are better?” There is a proven fact that more and more consumers are purchasing and turning to Microsoft supported devices. With so many endless possibilities that Microsoft has the opportunity to give, why not buy the most superior devices. Microsoft hits all the necessities and requirements, and has the best compatibility compared to Apple. Microsoft obviously has it where it counts.

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