Apple And Its Brand From Other Competitors Essay

Apple And Its Brand From Other Competitors Essay

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One of the important strategies of Apple is to differentiate its brand from other competitors, by creating their own software and hardware, and building a razor-blade business model. From the early years of the Apple, they have been a company that wants to be unique, simple and one that differentiates itself from the market. “The Mac marked a breakthrough in ease of use, industrial design, and technical elegance”. The business platform for Apple has been to make their own hardware and software, not allow third party to use its software, and to standardize their infrastructure to ensure compatibility. For example, introducing the iPod to digitize music and importantly, having iTunes as a platform, in addition to introducing the iPhone and creating App Store. “The App Store is what makes your device worth the price”. By forcing customers to use Apple platform in order to use iPod/iPhone, Apple has created a digital hub and razor blade business model. In addition, Apple will benefit from direct and indirect network effects because Apple owns its platform and does not share it with other...

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