Apple : A Multi Billion Dollar Technology Industry Essay

Apple : A Multi Billion Dollar Technology Industry Essay

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As stated before, Apple is a multi-billion dollar technology industry. The major competitors that Apple and its products is Microsoft and its Windows platform, as well as Google, and Samsung smartphones. All of these companies are in the top 10 global brands, according to Interbrand (2015). Comparing strengths of all companies, Apple has a solid financial support system and it is highly innovative because of the success of the products and the leadership of Steve Jobs, however what weakens Apple is the premium pricing of their products. Microsoft also has the solid financial support due to its leader, Bill Gates. Microsoft also has the dominance over the operating systems. Windows based applications are on almost all computers in the market today, yet this causes overexposure in the computer market. Google is strong with advertising, web browsing market and content sharing as well as the Android mobile operating system (Sun 2015). However, because of the vast amount of advertising that Google does, it can be a weakness as well. Samsung is also innovative with their smartphones and has strong manufacturing capabilities, however they lack the marketing compared to Apple and they also rely to heavily on consumer electronic sales in poorly growing markets (PESTLE 2015).
All of these companies exhibit the Porter Five Forces model. There is a great rivalry amongst all of these corporations. All are fighting for the sales and profits in the market industry. They all compete with one another with new products. When one company produces a new product, each company tries to come up with their own substitute product or service, usually at a competitive price, which does not allow for growth or increased profits (Porter 1979). For example w...

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...pple products and strengthening the reputation of Apple. Seeking out new companies overseas will provide leaders and other personnel with the information that they need in order to continue to develop the products, just at a lower cost to them as a company, but for their customer base as well. Research and Development personnel can also try to develop or seek out new and high-quality materials to create the products here in the United States. All involved personnel could also seek internal sources of manufacturing, to keep risk governmental restrictions and taxation lower, which in return can increase overall profit and net revenues.
Probable outcomes would be that Apple finds a new source of materials and manufacturing sources in order to lower price, or that they continue to use the same sources and same manufacturers and not lower the price to keep profits high.

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