The Appearance Orientation Scale Of An Individual Place On How They Look

The Appearance Orientation Scale Of An Individual Place On How They Look

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Appearance Orientation. The Appearance Orientation Scale consists of twelve items that measure the importance an individual place on how they look, attention payed to appearance, and grooming behaviors. Raters indicate level of disagreement-agreement on a 1 to 5 Likert Scale 1(definitely disagree) 2 (mostly disagree) 3(neither agree nor disagree) 4 (mostly agree) 5 (definitely agree). Example questions include “I check my appearance in the mirror whenever I can” and “it is important that I always look good.” The subscale demonstrates high levels of internal consistency for males (Cronbach’s α = .88) and females (Cronbach’s α = .85). Items additionally display high levels of test-retest reliability for males (.89 across 1 month) and females (.901 across 1 month). Item ratings are averaged across all twelve items. Gender mean norms are provided for males (M=3.60) and females (M=3.91). Higher scores indicate an individual place more importance on how they look, pay increased attention to their appearance, and engage in grooming behaviors. Lower scores indicate that the rater is apathetic about their appearance and that they do not place much effort to look good.
Body Areas Satisfaction. The Body Areas Satisfaction scale consists of eight items that measures satisfaction with individual aspects of an individual’s appearance. Raters indicate level of dissatisfied-very satisfied on a 1 to 5 Likert Scale 1(very dissatisfied) 2 (mostly dissatisfied) 3(neither satisfied nor dissatisfied) 4 (mostly satisfied) 5 (very satisfied). Example questions include “Face (facial features, complexion)” and “hair (color, thickness, texture).” The subscale demonstrates high levels of internal consistency for males (Cronbach’s α = .77) and females (Cro...

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...ually appealing” and “I like my looks just the way they are.” The subscale demonstrates high levels of internal consistency for males (Cronbach’s α = .88) and females (Cronbach’s α = .88). Items additionally display high levels of test-retest reliability for males (.91 across 1 month) and females (.81 across 1 month). Item ratings are averaged across all seven items. The AE scale items demonstrates high levels of convergent validity with the Body Appreciation Scale (r=.90), a positive body image scale, suggesting the AE scale is a valid measure of positive body image. The Appearance Evaluation total score consists of scale item means. Gender mean norms are provided for males (M=3.49) and females (M=3.36). Higher scores indicate raters feel mostly positive and satisfied with their appearance. For the purpose of this study, high scores on the AE scale are of interest.

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