The Appearance Of African American Audiences Essay

The Appearance Of African American Audiences Essay

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You lay on your couch after a long day of work and turn your television on. After skimming through the hundreds of channels, you finally arrive at your preferred show. But wait! The characters you had grown to love are now represented by a completely different race. Suddenly you no longer feel that same correspondence to the show you once had and change the channel. This time you stop at a different show, but notice that you watch this television series just as frequently. Surprisingly, the lead character has changed his profession in the episode from a doctor, to a servant. His qualities have undergone an alteration, coming off as unintelligent, dishonest, immoral, and even inferior. African Americans within the television industry have gone through feeling like there is no one they can correlate with. Roles played in these shows never allow African American audiences to feel a sense of connection with one of the characters that appears similar to them. We have our characters that we can relate to, so why is this race unable to share that connection as well? The television industry focuses on appealing to white audiences in order to maximize profit; as a result, diminishing the identity of African Americans and their position in society. As a way of eliminating this injustice, the television industry must further expand on the diversity of its casting, display a better portrayal of African Americans within its scripts, and create more racially inclusive types of television shows.
Compared to present day, the television industry has not always shown stereotypical views of African Americans in weak positions within society. Times before 1964 were strenuous in overcoming segregation. Specifically, the widely-known station “NBC had ...

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... With more variety in the television industry, African American’s fallacious stereotypes can be eliminated and their position in society will no longer be diminished.
Now, the destruction of these ‘one-race’ casts and negative stereotypes toward African American within television is up to you. As an audience member, you have the ability to help rebuild this race’s identity and position in society. You must not let the television industry remain biased to all but one race, caucasian. Our world has come a long way, and diversifying television will further progress the justice we persist on seeking. Why have hundred of channels when there can be thousands to choose from? It is essential for our society to create television shows that every ethnic group can connect to; then, one day, the television industry will bring a sense of equality to all races around the country.

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