Appeal for Academic Reinstatement

Appeal for Academic Reinstatement

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I was very disappointed at myself after received dismissal letter from State University. I felt that I let down not only myself, but also my family who hoped for me to earn a bachelor degree from such a great school as Ohio State. There were several reasons that led me to difficulty and lose concentrate in studied. During the time I studied at Ohio State, my older sister who I lived with received the bad news about losing her teaching assistance job at Ohio State. She was the only one who helped support me at that time. My sister was the one who pays rent and most of utility bills. I did help her pay some of the bills and groceries as I only worked minimum part-time. Since my sister was not able to continue her teaching position at that time, I help pay most of the bills included the rent. I certainly did not prepare for the situation and ended up have to start working more so I can help out my sister pays the bills. At the same time, my mother who lives in Thailand also suffered from the breast cancer which cost my parents a lot of money for the surgery and medical bills. My parents were in no place to help me or my sister with living costs and expenses here in the United States. Since my sister had only a student visa, and was not a U.S. citizen, I was the only one that could legally work and pay most of the rent and other bills. Working long hours did affect me psychically and emotionally. I lose both of my free time and study times. As I did not plan for the situation included poor time management, I ended up work more and spend less time studied than I should. I know that I struggled to keep up with classes and missed many classes. I did not think it through and thought that I could manage the situation on my own. I did not let anyone know about my situation or seek any help from any instructor or advisor. I ended up with poor academic performance and received bad grades which lead me to academic dismissal. I feel regretted and only wish that I could have made a better decision.

After dismissed from Ohio State, I continued to work for whole summer. My sister later received her teaching assistance job back, and could continue her study at Ohio State.

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My mother also been doing a lot better and only have to take medication to preventing the cancer that could come back. The doctor had to remove my mother’s right breast, but I am glad that she survives and become healthy again. I moved out to live on my own with the roommate near Ohio State campus after summer quarter ended. I saved up enough money from work during summer and able to continue taking classes at Columbus State Community college. I am now finished with Columbus State and earned an Associate Degree from Columbus State. During those quarters at Columbus State I notice the big changed and how much I improved on my grades. I am very confidence about going back to study at Ohio State. I am very sure if I get a chance to go back to continue study at Ohio State, I could do better and would successfully earn the degree. I am looking forward to go back to Ohio State and complete my goal.

If I do get approve for reinstate at State University, my goal is to study and get a bachelor degree in Globalization Studied. I know that this is a new and very interesting major. However, the reason I am so interested in the major is because I do love study about other societies. I love to learn about other cultures, and overall information about global countries. I want study about other countries and see what are the problems those countries are facing inside as a nation and global. I also love to learn languages and hope to join study abroad program. This major would fulfill my dream not only to learn about other cultures, but also a chance to visit other cultures. I have looked through the major carefully and know exactly what classes I need to take, and what I should do to be successful student. I will manage and plan my time on when to study and when to relax. I would not let working time to interfere with studying time. If I do face hardship during or after classes, I would let the instructors know about it. I would join the tutoring program if available for the future classes that I will be taking. I would also let my sister and family members know if I ever have to face problems either from school or from work. If I do get reinstate back to Ohio State, the courses I hope to take during my first quarter would be all the pre requirement classes that I have not finished. I only have to finish one of each writing, math, and science classes that are required before I start on the major classes. I also would try to start taking the language class that is also required in the major. I wish to attend full-time in every quarter up on availability of financial aid and loan that offer to me.

After reinstate back to State University, I would carefully manage time between work and study more properly than I was before. I would double the time of study every day and weekend outside classes. I know that the situation is not that easy for many student who have to work and study at the same time. However, I believe I could manage the time properly. Without a degree, I know that it is very difficult for me to able to meet my dream career. Without a degree, it is almost impossible to find a stable job in the future. I am now doing a different part-time job and have no problem helping my roommate paying the bills. However, I do know that if I do face any problem, my sister is always there to help me out. I do learn a lot by living on my own. I learn how to save up money and managing times. I also learned that it is difficult to live without a degree which leaves me with less opportunity to find a decent job. I feel that grow up and more mature than I was before. Been in a bad situation tough me a lot about how bad life could be. At the same time, it also tough me that there is always a new chance, and new beginning, if I look hard enough and fight for it.

I know that going back to State University would need a lot of work and time to study. That is why I would spend my time wisely and study hard to be successful student. However, I do know that there is a time to study and there is a time to relax. I would give myself a break as if I needed to. I know that I can do well and do better than I was in the past if I have a second chance to prove myself. I really do hope to get back in track and continue to earn the degree I dream of. To be able to go back to school is like starting a new life for me. Able to earn the degree from State University would help me to carry out my dream goal and possibly lead me to a successful future. I hope to hear good news from Ohio State about my reinstatement process. Finally, I like to say thank you to the academic advisor and all the committee for taking time to look over my request and possibly approve of reinstatement. Thank you very much.

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