Essay about The Appeal and Strategy of BMW Advertising

Essay about The Appeal and Strategy of BMW Advertising

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An Analyzing for Appeals and Strategy of BMW Advertisement
Helen Ingham states that “Depending upon the media used, adverts generally consist of images, text and sound. Each of these aspects are encoded with various meaning and messages, some of which are associated with the particular product the advertisement is trying to sell, and some of which are associated with its image.” According to Ingham, ads/commercials are everywhere, and they all have one thing in common. They all contain the messages that mainly aim to persuade people to consume their product. By various different methods, they slowly engage the consumers’ needs in certain ways. The most common strategy that ads/commercials are using may also include any of the fifteen basic appeals by Jib Fowles. In Fowles’s article “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals”, he discovered the 15Human emotional appeals that advertisers use to market their products. He writes, “By giving form to people’s deep-lying desires and picturing states of being that individuals privately yearn for, advertisers have the best chance of arresting attention and affecting communications.” The Ultimate Driving Machine BMW nine minute commercial called “Star” directed by Guy Ritchie is focused on their new model of BMW M5 2000 featuring celebrities Clive Owen and Madonna. More to the observation, their strategy was to use one celebrity style of catch the audience’s attention, and four emotional appeals, which were the need to escape, the need to aggress, the need to achieve, and the need to feel safe to persuade their audience.

The nine-minute commercial “Star” by BMW is mainly focusing on introducing their new BMW M5 2000 model featuring Clive Owen and Madonna. Fowles states, “Some common ingredien...

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...tegy they use is within the fifteen human emotional appeals. The Commercial “Star” by BMW featuring their new model of M5 uses the total of four emotional appeals, which were the need to escape, the need to aggress, the need to achieve, and the need to feel safe. In addition, they also use one celebrity style to catch the consumer’s attention. This ad has well use the human weaknesses which is the emotional appeals found in human being. Because people like to look and listen at their favored celebrity, they surely will pay attention to what their celebrity say or do. Because people are born with full of needs, they have the tendency to listen and keep their attention open for any beneficial need. Because people need so many stuff, the BMW’s star commercial has given them all the need that they want in other to have them join the bandwagon for their marketing product.

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