The App Reflector Essay

The App Reflector Essay

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Reflector is an app that allows for Air Play mirroring to a computer. This is an app that I have used in order to do presentation in certain applications on my iPad for classes and has become very useful. We have become so accustomed to wires being everywhere, that it is nice to have a break from such a disorderly setting. Reflector is an application that can be used easily in both school, and a business setting. Its ease of use and simple interface makes it the perfect app for presentations.
Reflector is an application that is created primarily for mobile, iOS devices. Reflector, in regards to the iPad is compatible with iPad 2 through the iPad Air along with the first generation iPad Mini and the iPad Mini with Retina display. Also, the software is compatible with iPhone 4S through the iPhone 5S and the iPod Touch 5th generation, though all of these devices must have iOS 7 or later. Now, Reflector supports both Mac and Windows PCs. However, in order to run this app on a Mac you must be running OSX 10.6.7 or later and for Windows you must be running Windows XP or lat...

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