The Apostle Paul Was An Amazing Man Of God Essay

The Apostle Paul Was An Amazing Man Of God Essay

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The Apostle Paul was an amazing man of God. I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to travel with him for some time. Paul was an Israelite, but had the birthright of a Roman citizen. In the beginning of his life he persecuted Christians. It was not until he heard the Lord for himself, that Paul decided he needed to change. Originally Paul was named Saul. When he was Saul, he killed Christians and had no faith in Jesus Christ. After revelation from God on Jesus, Paul had a change of heart. Along with that change of heart came a change in name. He was no longer to be called Saul, but instead Paul. He traveled from country to country proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He explained that the salvation that he received was for the Jews and the Gentiles. Paul lived a full life until it came to a tragic end in Rome.
Once Paul was justified through Christ, his goals and motives changed. He desired for others receive the same salvation he had received. He is given credit for writing thirteen books of the New Testament. This number alone shows the impact that Paul had on the effectiveness of Christianity. Most of his letters were addressed to various churches. These letters contained instruction on how to practically live out Christianity. They also gave solutions to the doctrinal and practical problems that many churches were facing at this time. These letters helped the churches have correct theology and a deeper understanding of salvation. Ultimately, Paul’s goal was to save not only the Jews, but also the Gentiles and that is what his letters helped to do.
Paul had many accomplishments throughout his life. Several of them coming from the letters to the churches. Paul was able to write to the church of Rome, Corinth, Gal...

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...y family. When I left Paul that day, I did not know I would never see him again.
For those of you who did not truly know Paul, I want to let you know who he truly was. Paul was the most determined person I knew. He knew that God had put a calling on his life and did not try to do anything, but fulfill that calling. He was gracious to those he encountered. His grace reminded me of the grace he preached about. That was the incredible characteristic of Paul; he practiced everything that he preached. This grace was a grace that only the Father could have given him. It was easy to see God through Paul. He was an open and willing vessel ready to work for the Lord. Paul was completely devoted to furthering the kingdom of God. He was selfless in every way. He put the Lord’s will before his own personal agenda. Paul was an incredible man that will be greatly missed by many.

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