Essay on The Apostle Paul On The Church And How The World Views That Taught

Essay on The Apostle Paul On The Church And How The World Views That Taught

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Worldview can be defined as a matter of opinion. A person may state that an opinion can be neither right nor wrong. In order to make that opinion credible it would need to have a solid backing from a scientific standpoint or some type of doctrine. As a Christian, worldview is formed on the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. In this essay I would like to take a look at how the apostle Paul gave us a good foundation to define worldview. There are seven items the apostle Paul talks about in the book of Romans. In Romans 1 – 8 the apostle Paul addresses such issues as natural world, human relationship, culture and human identity. This essay will take a look at each one of these categories and compare with the apostle Paul teaching to the church and how the world views that teaching today.
The Natural World
The apostle Paul immediately starts to recognize some natural situations that he had issues with. Apostle Paul addresses the false gods that eventually brought about corruption among the people in Romans 1:26. Apostle Paul spoke on the issue of women doing unnatural things with their bodies, and men likewise. Christians that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and tomorrow (Heb. 13:8). If the apostle Paul spoke against unnatural relationships among men and women then, then it must hold true for today. Our society has become much too relaxed with unnatural relationship with men and women. I have grown to respect the choice that a person makes with his or her life. However, that doesn’t say that I agree with it. At one point in time a person that showed tendencies to be guy were treated as outcasts. They were either embarrassed or sometime physically abused. A person should not have to go thought being mistreated b...

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... like Halloween, but find a way to traditionally embrace it in their own way.
The foundation of a Christian belief is knowing that we were created in the image of God. That is the Christian’s worldview and all the topics of discussion fall in place underneath that belief. All of these topics share a very common denominator and that is God’s love for mankind. If a Christian should doubt anything about their faith they may look at natural world, human identity, human relationship and culture in the way that the apostle Paul explained them to the church in the book of Romans 1 through 8. Christians cannot let any of these topics get in the way of obeying God’s rules. It is no mistake how much God loved the world. Kind of the words so that he sacrifice his only begotten son that all of mankind may have a right to the key to eternal life (John 3:16).

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