Essay The Apology of Socrates

Essay The Apology of Socrates

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Socrates is at the age of seventy and appearing in a law court for the first time. For the people of Socrates time is accusing Socrates, for miss leading the youth corrupting them and boasting about being wise, causing him to become very unpopular. Socrates says to the jury I am going to speak the whole truth, for it is me by myself that I have to defend. He says my accusers are many and I don’t know them, they say, “you should be careful not be deceived by an accomplished speaker like me” (Cohen, Curd, & Reeve, 2000). The accuser goes on to say that Socrates is accomplished speaker; Socrates starts to praise them, because their lies are so good well put together, that Socrates himself is almost convinced but then he says that they do not speak the truth.
Socrates says he has two kinds of accusers, those who just started accusing him and the old ones. Socrates finds himself in a hard place, because when he is telling the jury the story of why he is being accused he finds it very difficult to make a defense for himself. Socrates asks to hear the charges against him, Meletus says Socrates is guilty of boasting about being more knowledge than the rest studying things that no man dares to study; like the earth and what’s under the earth. Socrates says I never said such things if someone has witnessed to hearing me say so then let him come and speak. Socrates states that none of these charges are true.
Socrates proceeds to explain why he is being accused, his longtime childhood friend Chairephon also a friend to many of the accusers, who is now dead. Went to Delphi the god of wisdom, it was Chairephon who asked Delphi is there any man wiser than Socrates. The god Delphi answered nobody was wiser. Socrates thought surely this must be so...

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...ise Socrates, that the people vote against him. Socrates was a teacher of knowledge; he didn’t do it to gain wealth. Socrates is clearly now asking what he has done to deserve this. So the jury votes again the punishment is death.
Socrates says I’m not being put to death because of my lack of defense, but my lack of boldness. I think at this point Socrates is trying to be humble because he is seventy years old already close to his death and they are condemning him to death, for what nothing. Socrates prophesies that vengeance will come to you as soon as he is dead. In the end, Socrates is not hurt, he is glad to die because trouble is coming to the city of Athens. He is humbled up to the last moment of his life.

Cohen, S. M., Curd, P., & Reeve, C. D. (2000). Readings in ancient Greek philosophy: from Thales to Aristotle (2nd ed.). Indianapolis: Hackett.

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