Essay on Apollo As A Great Man And Loving Son

Essay on Apollo As A Great Man And Loving Son

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Music, medicine, art and prophecy seem to have very little in common, and in fact they hardly have anything at all in common, at least from a modern perspective (Kensak 143). To fully realize how they are connected, one must go back thousands of years to experience what it would have been like for an ancient Greek to hear of these things and then realize that Apollo is the connecting factor to all of these elements. Fascinating as it seems today that one man can have mastery or special insight into all of these subject matters, to an ancient Greek this would have truly been the incarnation of Apollo, a man with many beautiful talents, talents which separated him from other gods. Reality, though, tells us that Apollo is still relevant in many everyday ways; even today, we see and experience these nuanced interactions with Apollo, especially in relation to the image of a balanced man, in common happenings. In ancient times, many saw Apollo as a great man and loving son. His image evolved over time to incorporate a bold and strong figure who played very important roles and inspired many; today we see much of the same inspiration, but instead of a poetic figure, we now know Apollo as a idealistic role model for a holistically balanced young man.
We know from the archaeological record that “the cult of Apollo predates the Bronze age,” which was around 3000 B.C. (Solomomn XI). Since this story was first developed so long ago, and has since been lost with forms of Linear A and B, the first forms of the Greek language, it is hard to identify some of the practices associated with Apollonian religion and myth. We do know that the “first positively identifiable appearance in Greek literature [of Apollo is] just after the opening of t...

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...e who can mend broken issues rather than work to build barriers, take inspiration from all of Apollo’s good deeds.
When one looks at the complete picture of Apollo one cannot help but see so many different things, from a mythical figure, to an inspiring symbol of youth and vitality, to a role model for a man to live a beautiful and meaningful life that brings happiness to others. These themes, which have developed over thousands of years have been very impactful for all those who have carefully studied Apollo. The future of Apollo is still alive as today’s leaders are shaped by what he has brought to them and they shall be the ones to lead the future use of the image of Apollo. Without Apollo those very same leaders would have had a harder time becoming who they have become without his great example and inspiration of a beautiful, holistic, and developed man.

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