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Apocalypse Now By Francis Ford Coppola Essay

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Yun 1
Scene Analysis: Apocalypse Now- Kurtz Compound begins 1:53:54-ends 1:58:43
Chunghee Yun, 2D04, May 2nd 2016

The film, Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Coppola is about not only the Vietnam War but also human nature in the war. In other words, it focuses on portraying the dark side of human nature in the Vietnam War rather than the reality of the War. The protagonist, U.S. Army Captain Willard, takes a secret mission from military superiors. The mission is to search for and terminate Colonel Walter E. Kurtz who was one of the most outstanding officers in the past but is about to be arrested for murder due to reneging his duty as a U.S. army soldier. Currently, Colonel Kurtz has crossed into Cambodia with the Montagnard army and establishes himself like a god. U.S military superiors believe that his methods are unsound, so they plan to eliminate Colonel Kurtz. Captain Willard accepts the mission and his journey to reach Colonel Kurtz begins. Although he experiences the horrors of the war during his journey, Willard finally encounters Kurtz’s compound. As seeing dead bodies around the compound, Willard regards Kurtz as an insane man, and decides to assassinate him. However, after he spends his time with Kurtz, Willard’s thoughts about Kurtz change. The scene that Willard encounters Kurtz at first is, accordingly, significant in this film, in that the scene offers Willard and audiences what kind of person Kurtz really is.
As the shot that Kurtz’s men push and shove Willard to the ground dissolves away, the opening shot of the scene emerges onto the screen. The setting of the scene is in an old and exotic temple and the interior set is dark despite the daytime based on the sunshine. Kurtz lies on a bed placed between ...

... middle of paper ...

...ne, the film is, also, ambiguous. However, we can’t deny the fact that the ambiguousness attracts our interest. And, the scene that Willard encounters Kurtz is the starting point that we are confused about what is good and evil.

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