Aphid Paper Outline and Progression

Aphid Paper Outline and Progression

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Paper outline and progression:
Aphid Description > Aphid life cycle > Aphid infestation and destruction > Important to find aphid resistance > Our Project > specific parents used (G. soja & G. max) > Specific process used > my role in process

Aphid Description
Aphis Glycines, or the soybean aphid, is one of the top threats to soybean crops. Aphids originated in Asia but in 2002 were discovered in Southern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin. Since 2002, Aphids have spread dramatically to over twenty states and three Canadian providences. Aphids, on average, are approximately 1/16 inches in length with a green or yellowed colored pear-shaped body. These aphids may have wings or be wingless (as described later in the life cycle of the soybean aphid) but both can be located on the plant at the same time (Cullen, 2010).

Aphid Life Cycle
Aphid mate and lay eggs on the Buckthorn plant, which is the overwintering host for the aphids, before migrating to the Soybean plant. They lay the overwinter eggs on the Buckthorn plant at the end of the fall where they will stay until spring when the temperatures begin to reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Once the aphids hatch in spring, they will have 2-3 generations with sexual reproduction on the Buckthorn plant. After their reproductions the winged females will migrate to the soybean. What is significant about these winged females is that they are fertile without mating and will bear live young once they have migrated to the soybean. Whilst colonizing on the soybean plant, aphids can have to 18 generations of females. After these 18 generations, in late summer, the winged females will migrate back to the Buckthorn plants where they will meet the males. They will then mate and lay the...

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...un a PCR with specified markers so that we can find our desirable gene and replicate it.

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