Essay on The Apartheid Of African Americans

Essay on The Apartheid Of African Americans

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Past black leaders will state that society has been waging in opposition to the African community. Though it’s more than a feud, it’s not technically a war, but could definitely be called one. Pan-Africanists would say that there is no hope in humanity for the African people, believing a long upbringing of genocide against the African settlers. The African values, or traditions and cultural practices are being stripped from the African culture. That being said, the shared heritage and experience within the black identity can never fully integrate, the African community must recognize the connection and act from the process of society. As the African life is tough for the people, propositions has been proposed in seek of the freedom and equalization of the black race.
In support for separatism and pan-Africanism, hypothetically speaking, when in an environment and everything around you is disorderly, clearly low funded, under law blockade, and the neighborhoods are infested with drugs and weaponry; then you’re at war. African people have been at war with society, and in spite of the fact that their weapons has slightly been adjusted over the years, it still remains the same endless war we’ve been facing since the settling of African people in the Americas. African people could never fully integrate with the shared heritage and experience within the African identity. Wars have been going on for times on end, from early day lynches dating back to 1900s to the Rosewood Massacre. In an unrelenting war, tactics such as black rationalization, cultural justification, mass propaganda, and or indoctrination brought towards us from this war. As to improving a solution to this war, Marcus Garvey proposed, “The Negro will have to build his own...

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... the Americas. Some believe having Barack Obama stand as president of the United States displays practical evidence of integration of the African people. Where how some white people will ultimately blame him for every little error in society, or every news event shown since his presidency. President Obama enlightens and gives hope to the African people, when cases such as: Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, or Freddie Gray; as the list goes on we can clearly see if you go in depth in these cases, not only that is the war is continuous until present day, but we can use the basic guideline of those who had layered a foundation of awareness of black radicalization and black liberalism. Constructing what was once a beginning lesson, is now a progressing commitment black people have made to help not only themselves but the world to establish a sense of freedom.

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