Essay on Apartheid and Separate Development

Essay on Apartheid and Separate Development

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As the title infers this essay is an explanation of the event of Apartheid and Separate Development, but to understand this fully some brief history on Apartheid is required, hence this paragraph will be the introduction to the events that transpired before the formation of Separate Development. The idea of Apartheid was born because of the fact that white supremacy was already instituted into South African policy because of the strong European influence. The Land Act of 1913 was what instigated the momentum of Apartheid however. It forced the Africans to live on plots of land that were undesirable and less than twenty percent of the total land even though they were clearly the majority, where the eighty percent was given to the white minority. Eventually restrictions became worse such as, forcing the Africans to carry identity documents authorizing their occurrence in areas that were otherwise restricted, not allowing non-whites to obtain certain jobs, not allowing any contact between whites and non-whites, and eventually forbidding participation by non-whites in government. The paragraphs that follow will outline the emergence of Separate Development, who was responsible, what Separate Development is, and why it happened.
Separate Development was the segregation, shunning, and harassing of non-whites in South Africa. This was originally born of a fear of the Africans and the abundant amount of cheap labor they held. Blacks in South Africa became capable of taking skilled jobs and mining leadership roles at a much slighter price. The mining companies soon realized this and began utilizing it. They hired the blacks over the whites, as the whites required much more substantial imbursement than the Africans. After the companies be...

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...eld, but it eventually turned to the evil form of what was essentially racist socialism that we know it as today. The people who started it were the jealous whites and those who attempted to stop it (at least early on) were the mine administrators whose only incentive was their greed. In these early times the blacks were principally on their own. No one was on their side and no one would be for years to come. Hopefully future governments and societies of all color and political background can learn from this horrible event and not make the same mistake with anyone regardless of who they are.

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