Anywhere But Here By Mona Simpson Essay

Anywhere But Here By Mona Simpson Essay

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Anywhere But Here-Mona Simpson
In Anywhere But Here, a novel published in the late 1980s, Anne and her mother move away from their family in Wisconsin to Bel Air California right out of the blue. The reason for this is Ann’s mother, Adele, wants to move as far away as possible from her so called boring life on to a fresh new exciting start. On their way they got into a car accident and stayed in a fancy and might I add expensive hotel in the time their car is getting fixed up. In this setting Ann and Adele seem to be the best of friends, but only because money seems not to be an issue. Money is basically the root of all their problems. Adele’s contribution to this problem is that she attempts to live a life she cannot afford all while Ann stresses out about not being able to have furniture around the house or having the bills paid off. It’s almost as if the roles are reversed in a typical mother daughter relationship. Ann’s aunt, Lillian, admitted that Adele was never really all there all there since she was a little girl and that she liked to live high on the hog. Lillian a...

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