Anyone Can Be a Hero Essay

Anyone Can Be a Hero Essay

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Heroes can be can be anyone; they can be everywhere. But every society needs heroes (The Making of a Hero). Surprisingly every society has one; we just don't see them because we don't bother to open our eyes. But if you open them you shall see, they can be anyone, and that's why you must look carefully.
Firstly, I'm going to tell you the two different types of heroes and then I shall tell you my beliefs. The first type of Hero is a person who shines, where they are always seen and they perform outstanding task that almost seem almost impossible ( Yudhoyono). Those heroes are the type of heroes that you immediately think about superheroes. This type of hero will always be seen by others due to their amazingly accomplishments. But they are the reason why the true hero is never seen.
The second hero is a person who is like us. Just a normal person nothing else. But this hero is unnoticed by people because you might think that they're just a regular person. But this regular person will make a difference in the life of others (The Making of a Hero).
My perception and my idea of a hero hav...

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