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Essay on Any Solutions Are Needed

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Since the mid twentieth century, funding resources provided to American mental and psychoanalytic hospitals from government based agencies, has been decreasing to an unbelievable point, in millions of dollars per state to be exact. It seems that today people have completely forgotten about those in need of support and care; instead of help, these struggling people, having no intensions to hurt neither themselves nor anybody around them, get thrown into jails where their mental conditions further become worse. Jonathan Martin, a columnist at The Seattle Times, reports his experience: “I watched one class recently as four offenders, in orange jumpsuits shackled to the desks, went through something like an [isolated] group therapy lesson” (Martin). Martin also provided pictures to prove his evidence; the photographs underscored the abandonment of the sick by the personnel. The mentally sick prisoners receive zero contact with any degree certified faculty or nursing staff that are required to assist and relief the symptoms or help the ill to maintain their mentally caused aggression (Martin). After serving their years of imprisonment, the mentally ill prisoners get released back into the public, world that they once belonged in. But after prison, a healthy person goes through much trouble to find a constant job; the mentally ill evidentially do not differ, they are completely incapable to find a job, they go directly into homelessness. Some are lucky enough to find a shelter, yet others are not so lucky. America’s Social Agency states that over “239 psychiatrically ill people in the facilities died between October 2008 and May 2009 from acute diarrhea, anemia, and malnutrition.” (Primanita). Due to the lack of attention that mentally...

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