Anxiety And Anxiety Disorder ( Anxiety ) Essay

Anxiety And Anxiety Disorder ( Anxiety ) Essay

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Throughout our lifetime we have all had anxiety, and we can all agree it’s not the best feeling in the world. Anxiety makes us live in constant fear of worries about what may or may not happen. However, the results may not always turn out to be what we desire. The majority of people with anxiety go out in search for treatments, or medications to help cope with anxiety. Living with constant fear of everything holds a person back of all the opportunities that are offered to them because of skepticism, and because of skepticism it makes a person worry which leads back to fear, which causes anxiety. Anxiety goes on and on it’s a feeling of a never ending tunnel. So what kind of drugs or kind forms of therapy can help administer anxiety?
Anxiety is one of the worst feelings because it causes a person to worry about a certain situation and keeps them worrying about it for hours, days, and possibly some months after. There are different kinds of anxiety disorders including Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and there are plenty of other disorders. In an article “10 Relaxation Technique That Zap Stress Fast” written by Jeannette Moninger introduces techniques that help reduce anxiety. Moninger explains we don’t need a retreat, but there is technique that can calm us in less than 15 minutes. Many can lean on Meditation as a technique to help ease anxiety. “Reasearch suggest that daily meditation may alter the brains neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress” (Moninger) which is a great because it’s simple and easy to do this can possibly help relief some tension it can also make us feel more at peace with just a few minutes of the day to meditate, which can help cope through our day. Another technique Moninger suggest is...

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...h me and I must say it is my favorite because I soon feel at peace when I take 3 deep breathes in and out. Taking medication is my worst enemy I hate taking medication but if it were to by the last and final resort to help solve the issue I would go ahead and take it of course I have to watch out for the dose so I won’t become dependent on the drug. Out of all the three Drugs, Systematic Desensitization, and BioFeedback I would choose Systematic Desensitization to be the best natural way to help condition anxiety. If there is a case where a person can no longer take their anxiety issue I would highly recommend the person to go to a doctor to get a prescription to help reduce their issue however, it is important to understand the dosage that is recommended to take because it is likely if we take over the recommended dosage we might come dependent on it which is worse.

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