Antoine Has A Relationship With His Sister Essay

Antoine Has A Relationship With His Sister Essay

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Antoine has a rare relationship with his sister Melanie that most brothers and sisters do not have. While Antoine is at the hospital filling out his sister’s paperwork, he wonders how he was able to walk away from the car accident and his sister is hanging on for her life in surgery. Antoine cares for his sister in a way that not all siblings show each other. For this reason, Antoine needs Melanie to make it out of surgery; because she is the only link to Antoine past life with their mother. The novel begins with a surprise trip that Antoine has planned for Melanie’s 40th birthday. When Antoine and Melanie arrive at Noirmoutier Melanie wonders why their grandparents never brought the house that was on the island that they loved dearly. After Antoine and Melanie’s mother had died no one came back to the island until now. Melanie and Antoine do not know what happened on the island their last summer as a Rey family that would make no one not want to visit the island again. Once they are on the beach Melanie starts having flashbacks of their mother with her and her brother as kids on the island. She talks to Antoine about what she remembers, Antoine is also having flashbacks of the island and their mother. Antoine cares about his sister deeply and that is why they have such a good relationship, also because they are the only ones that will talk to each other about what they remember about who their mother, no one else in their family will. Antoine also cares for his sister because he cannot bear the idea of his sister growing old alone. This comes to his mind when they are having dinner at L’Hostellerie du Chateau. Melanie is talking about how she is not really seeing anyone. Melanie feels that she will grow old alone. Antoine has al...

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...he has found out Melanie no longer wants to know who their mother was. Antoine and Melanie do not talk to each other much, the reader realizes that they are normal siblings that have their ups and their downs. The relationship that Antoine experiences with his sister is one that will not leave him. Melanie and Antoine share something together that very few siblings share. They are the only ones who talked about their mother after she died and tried figure to out the truth of who their mother was. No one in their family will tell them what happen to their mother it is almost as if their mother having an affair with another woman was a disgrace to the family. Do to this secret that was kept from Antoine and Melanie, Antoine can learn that his sister will be there to help share the memories of their mother together. That siblings have each other’s back most of the time.

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