Essay on Antique Shaving Mugs

Essay on Antique Shaving Mugs

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Shaving during the late 1800 to early 1900 is a complicated task for every man. It is an activity that needs a lot of preparation and materials. Some who have the luxury of time and patience can do the job at home, while others who have the luxury of money choose to spend some at their local barber shop. Shaving mugs are used to hold the hot water used for shaving. Every single man during that period might have owned one at home and another one at their barber shop. With the advent of new inventions for shaving such as the shaving cream, these shaving mugs are displaced and rendered useless. Present time collectors have found their interest hunting and collecting thousands of displaced shaving mugs from that era. If you wish to join in this venture here’s how to get started:

1. Have a basic knowledge about antique shaving mugs. As with any other collectable items, it is wise to acquaint yourself in an educative manner. Read several published literatures about the subject. Start with these standard references: "The Shaving Mug & Barber Bottle Book" by Keith Estep and "The Vanishing American Barbershop" by Ronald Barlow.

2. Decide how much money do you intend to spend for this collection. This will dictate the type of shaving mug you will pursue collecting. Mugs that are used at home are usually more attractive and relatively cheaper too. They cost about $10 -$150. You can also find diversity in these mugs. On the other hand, mugs used in barber shops are more personalized as it bears the owner’s name, hence more expensive. Price for this type ranges from $50 to $5000.

3. Set your own goal before starting to find mugs for collection. There is a more logical way of collecting, other than just grabbing the first antique sha...

... middle of paper ...

...parate the good seeds from the shriveled and discolored ones. Throw away the damaged seeds and keep the good ones for keeping.

7. Find a container for proper storage. This container has to be completely clean and moisture proof. It is best to do away with papers and cotton because these materials can be very absorbent of water. Keeping the seeds in a cool, dry jar will eliminate any risk for the seeds to rot or to develop some molds. The storage place should not be exposed under direct sunlight.

8. Label the container with necessary details. On a strip of a tape, write down important information about the type of seed that is stored. It includes the name of the seed and the date it was collected.

Storing seeds will allow you to save some money for future planting use. If all goes right, you may even have more seeds than you could ever need in a season!

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