Antigone By The Wilma Theatre Essay

Antigone By The Wilma Theatre Essay

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The cover up of Creon in a golden blanket, blinded and trapped, shown in the production of Antigone by the Wilma theatre implicates Creon 's blindness. He cannot see that his actions upon setting the law to prohibit any citizen from giving Polynikes a proper burial is against the law of the gods and many objections of his people. He blinded himself in his golden blanket of sovereign power as the king of Thebes that whatever he does is for the good of his kingdom. As Antigone points out to him many of the citizens shares her thought that Polynikes needs a proper burial but they “trim their tongues to [Creon]” because they do not want to disobey the law (Antigone 219). How could he, Creon, not learn from the mistake of Oedipus? Has he not seen Oedipus’ hamartia, when he fails to realize what he was “the cursed polluter of this land.”
Oedipus shown his hubris when he enters the road from Corinth to Thebes. With the mindset that he is the prince of Corinth as he encounters the chariot of King Laius, which Oedipus does not know at the time, he did not move away from the road but instead flipped the chariot (Hall). When after fifteen years the matter gets brought up once again, Oedipus who has too much pride in himself did not have the slightest clue that he is to be blame for all the misfortune that is happening in Thebes, with his self-confidence he blinds himself to his own insight and not to others. Instead Oedipus mocks Teiresias and fails to see that a prophet like Teiresias would know everything and not lie as quoted in E. F. Watling translation of King Oedipus :

Of the power this city has given me - freely given -
Not of my asking - setting this schemer on me,
This peeler of fraudulent magical tricks, with eyes
Wide ...

... middle of paper ...

...certain things that he does not realize, hence “blind” to his own prophecy and the truth. The boys in the stage Freud describe will also eventually grow out of this stage too but they will some ways later on tend to marry women with mother like features or have some resemblance to their own mother. Also the competition between the son and father is displayed in the play by Oedipus confronting Laius’ chariot on the road. Recently last year in the an article called JKF Jr.’s Oedipal Complex, JKF Jr. is said to have Oedipus complex and the author of the article states that history repeats itself and some people find figures resembling their parents as attractive. Is this kind of attraction itself a blindness? In the Theban plays, although it is not mention but if Oedipus and Jocasta were married for fifteen years, there might be a blind attraction between them two.

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